We created our new Big Butterflies: Our gorgeous new butterflies – Penelope & Ulysses, took their maiden flights on at the AlburyCity Picnic in the Gardens event in November, and have been flitting about other events around Victoria ever since. CLICK HERE to see them at the Northcote Kris Kringle Market, and HERE for the Butterfly Webpage.

Heide 30th Birthday Celebration Weekend – We designed the event entertainment spots, around celebration themes “Art, Architecture & Landscape”. Gorgeous girls in ’50s outfits making the Biggest Heide Birthday Card!

The Big Hand for the opening night of Big West Festival – This large-scale community-based puppetry project created for the opening night of Big West Festival in November 2011. Barking Spider artist Penelope Bartlau worked with children from Footscray North Primary School to create lantern puppets, and she directed the puppetry segment of the opening night performance. Snuff Puppets provided the Big Hand, and the Melbourne Museum the Federation Hand Bells which will underscore the puppetry event, music was directed by Karen Berger. CLICK HERE for more details about the event.

Stories of Sunshine – Our presentation of “Stories of Sunshine” for City of Brimbank, an evening of site-specific, local and history-based puppetry performance as part of the local “After Dark” series. The work was incredibly beautiful, funny and deeply satisfying for the local community – Stay tuned for updates as we may be presenting the work again at different sites in the West in 2012. CLICK HERE for more details about the event