The Next Big Thing – We Made it Ourselves

The best feedback in the world!

This year, with support from Arts Victoria, we had an Extended School’s Residency with Dandenong West Primary School. Ninety children, from year levels 4 & 5, participated in the creation of a hybrid work, using art installation, sound design, puppetry and physical theatre.

Children created a series of four performance sites, for shadow puppetry shows and a large scale puppet performance with puppets operated Bunraku-style. Each performance had original, live soundscape accompaniment from instruments that the children created themselves. The audience moved from site-to-site in a rotational, promenade-style performance.

The theme of the work evolved into “When we work together, we are strong” – Communication and collaboration are of particular significance at this immensely culturally diverse school. On September 11th we had the final public outcome of the work, on site at the school. Photographs, footage and site to be available soon.

Artists engaged on this project were:

Nat Grant (sound design & percussion), Dan Goronszy (shadow puppetry & physical theatre) and Penelope Bartlau (puppetry, story creation, art installation & overall project artistic ,direction)