• “I find myself lost and overcome by the visual and aural beauty on stage…Barking Spider constantly aim to produce original and unique theatre for its audiences, with no performance experience the same. It is risky but so far, they are hitting all the right spots.” http://theatrepress.com.au/2015/02/21/review-barking-spider-visual-theatres-psychopomp-seething/
  • "Made me think of a feminist Beckett, with feathers and sex”. Alison Croggan @alisoncroggon
  • “The performers – James Cerche, Nicola Grear, Aislin Murray and Lindsay Templeton – are all experienced and accomplished people and lend Ms Bartlau’s text great emotion….(Psychopomp & Seething is) highly imaginative and distinctly original; it is a fine example of artistic collaboration and, having let it all wash over you, it stays with you and meaning begins to take shape and substance.”  http://www.stagewhispers.com.au/reviews/psychopomp-seething
  • “This blend of dream and reality makes for a familiar unease because even when we wake up, we hold the too-real emotional experience of our dreams, and that emotion is never too far from a wide-awake truth”. http://aussietheatre.com.au/reviews/la-mama-psychopomp-seething?utm_campaign=coschedule&utm_source=facebook_page&utm_medium=AussieTheatre.com&utm_content=La+Mama%3A+Psychopomp+and+Seething#.VObUAManxhw
  • “Without giving too much away, the mind’s roiling depths are Dizzyingly physical and sensory”.      
  • “Stunning, focused spectacle with a very rich script…Seething – very very sensual writing…the second work, Psychopomp – a miniature gem. Please don’t miss this excellent gem. ”          Peter Green  
  • "Both Psychopomp and Seething are remarkable pieces of writing and the entire experience was sensorial, visceral, exciting, and engaging. I knew that Bartlau was an amazing theatre maker, but I had no idea she was such a brilliant writer.”
  • “It felt like you were in Dorothy’s house, traveling to strange lands. It was unsettling and wonderful – 4 stars”